Plurimondi n. 19 - Call for papers


Title of the Issue: Theory, methodology and practical approaches to address wicked environment-oriented problems in regional and urban planning and practices

Guest editors: Giulia Motta Zanin and Stefania Santoro

Aim of this number of Plurimondi

This number of Plurimondi aims at collecting a series of important topics of current research interests and practical applications coming from young researchers regarding to interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary works connected with social and environmental issues. 

It tries to bring together young researchers working in basic and applied science (engineering, architecture, planning, technology, economics and social sciences), comparing and discussing advances in research theories, methods, models, tools, applications and achieved results and to design future perspectives for regional and urban planning and practices to address environment-oriented wicked problems in regional and urban planning and practices.

Particularly welcome are contributions with the following topics:

  • Climate Changes and Impact on Urban Environment (including strategies for mitigation and adaptation, modelling and planning for resilience)
  • Complexity and Uncertainty issues in integrated environmental system (including disaster risk management, disaster risk reductions, urban and regional resilience, risk assessment)
  • Sustainable management of natural resources (including water management, land use and land cover changes, resource efficiency, biodiversity, ecosystem services, nature- based solutions);
  • Energy resources management (including energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, smart energy systems, smart buildings, smart grids, energy planning)
  • Environmental dynamics and human influence (including environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, life cycle assessment, corporate social responsibility)
  • Decision making, knowledge interaction & public participation in Environmental modelling (including social inclusion, territorial cooperation, planning for resilient communities, participatory planning processes, urban environment).


Guide for authors

For planned papers, a title and short abstract (about 100 words) should be sent to  before June 20, 2020

The deadline to submit the manuscript is July 5, 2020.

To submit your manuscript, please send it to 

To submit your manuscript, please click on the following link to download Plurimondi template