Landscape policies, urban and territorial planning to support SNSVS and SNAC

  • Stefano Damiano CURSA - University Consortium for Socio-economic and Enviromental Research
  • Marsia Marino Sapienza University of Rome


The article is part of the broader debate concerning the processes of transposition, on a local scale, of the national strategies of socio-economic and environmental interest.
Specifically, the focus will be on the integration of the objectives of two specific Strategies: National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (hereinafter SNAC) and National Strategy for Sustainable Development (hereinafter SNSVS), in territorial government policies, and among territorial planning tools.
From a doctrinal point of view, these Strategies can be registered in the category of Soft Laws; this particular juridical “nature” involves some administrative weaknesses for which the SNAC and the SNSVS need tools and institutes dedicated to their transposition on a local scale.
Landscape, urban and territorial planning represent the suitable tools through which to implement the aims of these Strategies while favouring, at the same time, greater participation of local institutions in decision-making processes, in compliance with the principles of multilevel governance desired by the European Landscape Convention.

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