Dino Borri and Laura Grassini, Guest Editors.

This issue contains a second set of papers coming from scientific activities directly or indirectly related to the EU-funded project ANTINOMOS “A knowledge network for solving real life water problems in developing countries: Bridging contrasts” (EU-FP6). We are grateful to the EU for the financial support given to the ANTINOMOS project. Special thanks are due to our colleagues of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari, who hosted the final ANTINOMOS conference where the papers of this issue were presented; to Alessandra Ricciardelli, who made the English proof reading and the editing of the volume; to Rossella Stufano who made the graphic design and the final editing of the volume, to Lucia Zambrini and Flavia Milone, who strongly supported the organization of the ANTINOMOS conference.

Published: 2011-06-30