Challenges in Water Technologies to Cope with Water Scarcity

  • Luis Santos Pereira Biosystems Engineering, Institute of Agronomy, Technical University of Lisbon


Water scarcity, if considered as an increasing process, is to exacerbate competition amongst water users. Problems related to the environment as well as water scarcity imply innovation in water management and engineering, including water technologies. In order to better understand the innovation challenges put forward by water technologies, it is necessary to recognize water scarcity regimes, whether they are natural of man-made. Thus, the paper focuses on water scarcity regimes and their related challenges before analysing differences in the needs for development water technologies confronting rural vs. urban areas as well as developed vs. developing regions. Related contradictions and challenges are put forward. Moreover, this paper analyses current difficulties resulting out the adoption of innovative water technologies as well as the importance of water management issues when the implementation of water technologies is considered.

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